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hen parties in Norfolk and Norwich

Here's a great idea for a really fun and unique gift for your bride-to-be! Commission a caricature portrait of her, to mark and remember the special weekend. It's very easy to do. Simply send me some photos of the bride and tell me a little bit about her.

She can be portrayed drinking and dancing in fun hen party mode (maybe in a special outfit you have planned) or she can be drawn with reference to a particular hobby, sport or activity that she's famous for! Maybe she likes to cook, play a musical instrument or is mad about animals?

I'll send you a rough pencil sketch of the bride in a fun pose for to comment and approve her likeness and the details. Once you're happy I'll draw and paint the art work and send you a scan for final approval.

The standard fee for a single figure A4 sized painting (the original - not just a print!) is just £47, plus £8 for Special Delivery postage. This unique work of art can be used to create special t-shirts and mugs for the hen weekend. You can frame the original and your bride will treasure it for life!

Unique special gifts for the Bride

Here's another great idea as a surprise for the hen bride - how about a caricature of her hunky groom-to be? He can be presented as every hen's dream cock - handsome and romantic - and also rather silly! A fun centre-piece surprise for the bride to discover at her party. Or he can be drawn again in a fun way that portrays his hobbies, interests and passions - maybe he's mad about football or Game of Thrones? See more examples at my Caricatures page here!

If you think something more beautiful might be appreciated how about commissioning one of my lovely nude paintings as a portrait of the bride to be? My speciality as an artist is the nude and I draw and paint many portraits of women, men and couples. You can see more examples and details here - nude portraits.

I do work from photos but the experience of modelling for the artist is a gift in itself and one that all my clients thoroughly enjoy. I think the results are better too when I can work directly from life. You can give your bride an exciting voucher for a day in my studio posing for a nude painting or drawing. She can also redeem it by sending me photos to work from if she prefers.

I work in most mediums ( pencil, charcoal, watercolour and oil) and can offer a range of prices to cover size and the time involved. Just let me know what you'd like and I can arrange a fee with you.

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